• Deophagy Interview on Zen Lounge

    “The Zen Lounge purges it’s coffers, and plays a selection of the best music submissions that they have received. Featuring an interview with Deophagy and music by Klank, Particle Son, AngelFlesh, Deophagy, Mark Adam Crow, Shun Ward, BONZ, the Roxy Suicide and ELETE.Find your new favorite band here, and keep sending us Videos, MP3’s, Haulix and download links! Find your next favorite band here!”

    Listen Here

  • Welcome Our Newest Conscript

    Intox Morthas has officially joined our ranks on bass guitar.

    He has played live with us for a couple of shows and it’s great to know that he is now a permanent addition.

    Welcome to the New World Disorder

    May the Gods have pity on your soul and eat you first.