• Benefit Show for Steve Sledje of Suspension 9


    Our good friend Steve Sledje had to undergo a number of severe, and expensive, medical procedures this year. We tried to get him to check into the medical wing of The Abraxas Institute and receive care from our own Doctor Verser Vernehmer, but Steve decided he did not want to wake up with random animal parts grafted onto his body… If he woke up at all.

    Now he needs help covering the medical expenses.

    Some of Colorado’s coolest bands have joined together to raise some money for him.

    Be sure to come out, have a killer time, and help the cause.

  • Thank you everyone!

    Thank you to everyone who helped make last night’s show such an awesome time:

    The Roxy Management and Swinging Noose Productions; the bands: Doyle, Suspension 9, Captain Blood, Biological Meltdown; and especially to all of the fans that came out and supported their bands.

    You were all great and made four freaks feel like real rock stars.

    Thank you!

    Be sure to check out the new additions to the fan gallery, and a special thanks to Joe Spike Morgan for so many killer shots!