Deophagy @ The Church

Deophagy at the Church 06-05-2014 We're back at the Church on June 05, 2014, so for those who missed us last time, be sure to get in touch with us via FaceBook to get your discount coupons!

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  1. Avatar Slim FadEy
    Slim FadEy says:

    Was a Killer show! Deophagy rocks!!!

  2. Atom from Thoz 1 Guyz here, you definitely NEED to check Deophagy out! With sequential beats, rythmic drum patterns & dynamic ocals, these industrialized demons will leave you with wanting more!

  3. Deophagy – Industrial/Electronic/Metal/Alternative from Denver 6/5/14

    I had the chance to see Deophagy at The Church Night Club for the Industrial Revolution. I went to see Manik Musik and was lucky enough to catch Deophagy for the first time. Deophagy has a unique sound with definite influences of Manson and Nine Inch Nails. I am a Heavy Metal fan that runs a Metal network “” but I also enjoy other genres – good music is good music and it either moves me or it doesn’t. Deophagy has an amazing stage show with a mysteriously dark image and sound. Athiel is a mesmerizing front man. As a whole they look like a band, sound like a band, and I definitely got my $$$ worth!

  4. I can honestly say that Deophagy is the best local goth-industrial-metal band I’ve ever seen. If they were to have an Epic Battle with Duke Nukem, there would be much kicking of ass and chewing of bubblegum, but none from Duke.

    Seriously, go see one of their shows and allow them to melt your goddamn face off.

  5. deophagy is the best local denver band i hvef ever seen they so good they need to play at the the ogden or the gothic and wen they do i will be ter it was a bad ass show and they need to get big gis

  6. Deophagy is just what this town needs: A fresh sound full of talented musicians that actually have something (interesting) to say. I love many of the bands that the Denver gothic/industrial scene has to offer. Denver has some great talent, but it is always interesting when there are some new kids selling their wares. It usually takes most bands quite a while to get their live show powers harnessed, let alone some quality original works under their name. The unusual and significant thing about Deophagy is that they already have this experience, and came out rocking the darkness. I really enjoy their thematic back-story. (I am totally a sucker for themes.) It shows that these guys have some very strong creative writing abilities. This innovation is translated into their song writing. The song “g0dComplex” is currently my favorite song by the band. I like the regulating drum work, intelligently stratified guitar and synths, and the vast range of vocal styles in this song. These guys are fun to watch play live, because you can tell that they are having a cathartic experience. I look forward to their future work and shows.

  7. I’ve been fortunate enough to see Deophagy several times now and each time they’ve gotten better.

    It’s rare to see a local act put so much ‘theater’ into a small-venue show, particularly without it coming across as campy or insincere. Deophagy’s theatrics however, seem natural, more than an image but rather part of the band’s identity, and the result is a very entertaining show.

    That being said, the image and stage-show would only carry them so far if there weren’t something more to it. Fortunately, there is. There’s substance to their songs, driven by meaningful lyrics and inspired musicianship. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had the hooks from ‘g0dcomplex’ and ‘Hear No, See No, Speak No’ stuck in my head.